Two Days in Paris Guide

Two Days in Paris Guide

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Through this travel guide, Paris will come alive...and for a moment…you will experience the sublime and beautiful experience that is a visit to Paris.  

I have visited Paris more than a dozen times, and fall even more deeply in love with every visit!

I love to visit the Big Sites:  The Louvre, The Eiffel Tower, The Musee d'Orsay...How can you EVER spend enough time soaking the deep history that each of those sites represent?! 

 And friends….I want to take you with me, every step of the way! 

Each and every experience, recommendation, and tip has been personally researched by me, with YOU in mind!  My greatest joy is knowing that I have contributed to another seed for the love of Paris planted in another traveler!


This Two Days in Paris Travel Guide Includes:

7 Major Sites

5 Restaurant Suggestions

Shopping Suggestions

A detailed and curated itinerary that guides you minute-by-minute through Paris, organized and thoughtfully planned, so that your time is maximized and you see as much as possible in One Day.  Upon purchase, you will receive a PDF of this Guide, ready to use!

Created in March 2019