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As an Antique Dealer, I enjoy sourcing Vintage Textiles and Vintage Feed Sack Cloth.

Feed Sack Cloth brings to mind the poverty of the Great Depression but at the same time there is a romance to the idea that women could make something beautiful from something so mundane.  Today, Feed Sack Cloth is increasingly rare, and difficult to source. 


Vintage Textiles are also becoming scarce, particularly those dating prior to 1960.

Choosing a Vintage Textile or Feed Sack Cloth to finish a Needlepoint Project is a wonderful way to preserve American History and adds a unique and one-of-a kind personality to your finishing!


Each swatch is cut to an approximate 8"x8" square.  Some swatches may be slightly larger or smaller.  All swatches are perfect for ornament sized canvases.
If you are a Needlepoint Shop Owner or Finisher, please email me to get your CODE for Wholesale Pricing at Checkout.
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